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Pinnacle’s Energy department is here to keep you running smoothly. Our commitment is to provide you with fast and reliable service for your personal, farm, commercial, or site dedicated oilfield services. We offer a full line of top quality refined fuels and propane as well as oils, lube, additives, and DEF for either pick up or delivery. We also specialize in site dedicated oilfield services to make sure that you never run out of fuel and avoid costly shut downs.


Automated Fueling Trailer


 Automated Fueling Trailer at Pinnacle


Refined Fuels

Pinnacle offers a wide range of Cenex refined fuels to meet your various needs including a full line of both on-road and off-road fuels. We do deliveries daily to residential, farm, and commercial bulk tanks as well as offering tank rentals and sales. Let us know what your fuel needs are and we will help find the best solution for you.


We proudly offer Cenex’s revolutionary Roadmaster and Fieldmaster fuels. Whether your business takes you out on the open road or into the fields of America’s heartland these enhanced fuels will provide you with optimal performance for high-tech diesel engines (2007 and newer). Through a unique combination of 7 additives, these fuels have been shown to provide multiple benefits over untreated #2 Diesel:



Our Fuels:


Our Services:




Pinnacle’s propane team takes pride in providing dependable deliveries you can rely on. Whether you need propane for your residential, agricultural, or commercial applications, we have solutions for you. Providing on-site propane deliveries as well as tank sales and rentals, we can set up and fill your tank and will come back to top you off when you need it. Our certified technicians will keep you and your family or business safe and comfortable. In addition to these services we also offer:


Hot Water Frac Site Delivery



Lubricants, Oils & DEF

Pinnacle offers a full line of high quality Cenex oils and lubricants. In the harsh and constantly changing conditions in North Dakota it is important to keep your equipment well lubricated to optimize the performance of your farm and oilfield equipment. Cenex is known for it’s high quality standards that meet or exceed anything else on the market. We carry a variety of sizes to meet your needs including quarts, 2.5 gallon, 30 and 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes, as well as bulk truck deliveries. Cenex stands behind our products so that your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Pinnacle also carries Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to keep you running strong. DEF is an EPA required additive that is a urea-based solution designed specifically for use in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems to reduce NOx emissions from diesel engines. 


Our Premium Cenex Products:


We also carry:


Farm Services

Farming is the heart of our community. North Western North Dakota has a strong and proud history that is deeply rooted in agriculture and we are proud to serve our local farmers. We offer a variety of services specifically for farmers and our cooperative members.


See a fuel or propane price that you love? Lock it in with Pre-Buy Contracting. When you buy your fuel in advance, we lock that price in for you. We will deliver your fuel to you as you need it, no matter what the price is at that time.


Cenex offers an incredible Total Protection Plan (TPP) for your farming equipment. When you register your equipment and follow the program’s guidelines, we will offer coverage for up to 10 years or 10,000 miles (8 years or 8,000 on used equipment). You’ve invested in your equipment, let us help you keep it running.  Visit the Cenex TPP page to learn more and to register your equipment today.


Our cooperative members are incredibly valuable to us and we offer several promotions exclusively for them. Be sure to keep an eye out for our great Spring Lube Sale as well as our Summer Propane Fill to get the best prices on the products you need to keep you running.


The Energy Department is excited to take part in the Cenex Tanks of Thanks program. Help us keep an eye out for members of our community who go above and beyond to help other members of the community. Let us know who you would like to nominate and a brief story of why so that we can spread the love within our community by nominating them to receive a $50 Cenex Fuel Gift Card.


Oilfield Services

Pinnacle’s Energy Department specializes in a variety of oilfield and frac services to help keep you running smoothly. We offer site dedicated fueling in which we send a team of professionals to your frac site to ensure that you don’t run out of fuel. Receive fuel delivery at your rigs or drill sites and to your generators. If you choose to lease a tank from us, you can rest assured that we watch our tank monitors to make sure you receive fuel before you run out.


In addition to our fuel teams we also offer on site oil, lube and DEF deliveries. Allow our team to help you improve performance, protect against corrosion and alleviate weather related issues.




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